1. Steam and Power Generation

Our expertise enables us to evaluate integrated water treatment, steam, and power generation projects to improve and optimize plant efficiency. Steam and power can be generated simultaneously in a process called combined heat and power (CHP).
CHP systems improve the overall plant efficiency and reduce the environmental impact (GHG emissions) of power generation.

2. Energy Recovery

Steps to propose solutions for system energy recovery:

  • Identifying exergy as an analytical tool to compare different design case solutions.
  • Indicating the optimal energy recovery solutions for a system, which can be combined with exergy analysis to provide input into multi-criteria decision algorithms,
  • Qualifying applicable technologies to meet the system and its obligatory requirements (e.g., environmental regulation).
  • Selecting the optimal technology.

3. Renewable energy

Bio gas systems, Micro hydro-power, and Solar systems are those sustainable energy types where supported by our business partners. Please feel free to ask for any further information.

4.Waste-to-Value/Energy Saving

Our technology provider supports us to evaluate your specific plant requirements and design processes for producing value-added products and energy saving from the plant waste by-products or doing retrofit projects.  For more information please contact us.